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The project focuses on making our students grow to like reading so in the first year they are going to read, analyze and solve questionnaires about the following books:

  1. Pinocchio- by C.COLLODI
  2. Robinson Crusoe –by Daniel DEFOE
  3. The Lord of the Flies-by W.GOLDING
  4. One Minute Stories-by Istvan Örkeny
  5. Romeo and Juliet – by William SHAKESPEARE
  6. Pollyanna – by Eleanor H. PORTER
  7. Frankenstein – by Mary SHELLEY
  8. Harry Potter and the Philosopher`s Stone –by J.K.ROWLING


In the second year they will do the same about these books:

  1. The Prince and the Pauper – by Mark TWAIN
  2.  Little Prince – by Antoine de Saint EXUPERY
  3.  A Christmas Carol-by Charles DICKENS
  4.  The Snow-by O.PAMUK
  5.  Metamorphoses-by F.KAFKA
  6.  The Picture of Dorian Gray – by Oscar WILDE
  7.  Animal Farm –by George ORWELL
  8. The Witcher  Blood of Elves -by Andrzej SAPKOWSKI



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