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Béla the first Grammar School.   



Our grammar school is  one of the most-requested schools in the region with 466 students between the ages of 14 to 19.

 The students can choose between the following areas of study:

  • 1 Informatics and mathematics
  • 2 Natural sciences – biology and chemistry
  • 3 English language and informatics
  • 4 Humanities – foreign languages and arts with media
  • 5 Sports studies with informatics and foreign languages

Our school organises the international Neumann talent contest in informatics. In the contest there are the following categories: computer animation, music, game programmes, digital automatic control, training programes.

 Our school has a well -equipped natural science lab which offers students the opportunity to make experiments in physics , biology and chemistry.

 We have about 40 teachers our headmistress’ name is Éva Hajós.

We had been taking part in Comenius projects with topics like information technology, environment protection, and world heritage.

Now we are working in Erasmus+ with Turkey, Italy, Poland and Germany , the title of the project is RARE.

Coordinator of the project is Gabor Halasz


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